ZNIQUE Anti-Acne Serum Bundle Pack

ZNIQUE Anti-Acne Serum Bundle Pack

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Get 2 tubes of Acne Serum + 25% more in volume!

Pop champagnes 🍾 and not pimples when you achieve #betterskinwithZNIQUE!

Driven by our belief of Less is More, this is the only ALL-IN-ONE solution you need to combat Acne effectively.

We strongly believe that the journey towards better looking skin should not be plagued with nasty side effects such as drying, peeling & redness. 

Therefore, we dropped the usual acne-treating ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid and/or Sulphur in our formulation.

ZNIQUE Acne Serum boasts a 100% botanical-based formulation with ingredients sourced directly from Switzerland. 

Its triple-effect action relieves the discomforts of Acne & kills acne-causing bacteria within 2 HOURS of application! (Clinically Proven)

☝ Calms inflammation 
✌ Soothes irritated skin 
👌 Reduces redness


90% observed reasonable to significant reduction in redness 
100% observed visible reduction in inflammation

A multi-benefit product: 
☑ Clinically tested & proven 
☑ Natural fragrance (derived from our sage leaf extract) 
☑ Works under make-up 
☑ Suitable for all skin types  
☑ Non-comedogenic 
☑ Not tested on animals