Pioneering Holistic Beauty

Through Proven & Healthful Natural Ingredients


As strong believers of value, we curate multi-functional products backed by science; through the use of multi-synergistic actives that have been researched to yield the targeted host of beauty and health benefits.

At ZNIQUE, we strive to offer superior yet affordable nutrition for the masses.


Founded by a team of pharmacists with over 20 years of vast industry experience in distribution of pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices and branded nutraceutical supplements to hospitals, clinics and medical centers.

ZNIQUE was launched to cater for the rising consumer segment seeking innovative nutrition solutions in holistic beauty and overall wellness.


As a dedicated consumer health product provider, ZNIQUE is guided by the principle:

Superior Multi-functional Nutraceuticals for the Masses via
Proven and Healthful Natural Ingredients

At ZNIQUE, our mission is to simplify the search for the “effective one" by curating novel multi-functional products backed by science, that yield beauty and health benefits through our pharmaceutical expertise.

Through comprehensive evaluations by our R&D team coupled with clinical papers, our consumers can be assured of our product's quality and safety standards. Furthermore, our accredited manufacturing facilities provide our consumers with a piece of mind, knowing our products are manufactured according to GMP and HACCP standards.

"Not the Best, Just Better.."

​Our slogan advocates our continuous pursue for innovative and superior products to fulfill the needs of our consumers. With a good grasp of the market census and strong relationships forged with our international business partners, be rest assured that ZNIQUE will keep up with the latest trends so as to be at the forefront of our industry.