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Are you having a hard time controlling Acne? Do you find yourself having outbreaks ever so often and just wish for it to stop? Are you also desperately trying to find a solution to get Acne-Free Skin? We know how you feel... and we can help you!

A little introduction about us.. We are from ZNIQUE, a homegrown beauty and skincare solutions provider. And we believe our Anti-Acne Serum can help combat and control your acne problems! Psst.. You found us at a great timing! We are opening very limited slots to let selected users try out our Anti-Acne Serum for FREE! Register below asap to avoid disappointment!

- 1 x FREE 15ml ZNIQUE ANTI-ACNE SERUM worth S$29.90 for the trial!
- 1 x FREE 15ml ZNIQUE ANTI-ACNE SERUM upon completion of trial! 

1. Above 12 years old
2. Mild to moderate acne issues
3. Willing to assist in photo documentation and survey

1. Click 'Register' below to fill up the application form
2. A refundable deposit is required ($26)
(Prevents Take-and-Run situations)

Why Znique Anti-Acne Serum?

★ Clinically proven to: Calm Inflammation, Soothe Irritated Skin, Reduce Redness and Soothe Itchy Skin 
★ Fast acting All-in-One Swiss formula (cleanse, treat and heal)
★ Acne Prevention and Mitigation
★ Made by All-Natural Botanical Actives
★ Suitable for ALL Skin Types (great for sensitive skin)
★ Serum Form for Concentrated Efficacy
★ Fast Absorption and Light on the Skin
★ Non-Comedogenic (does not clog pores)
★ Refreshing Sage Fragrance 
★ Works below make up and complements other skincare products
★ Rated 9.5/10 by users